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(Wake up – you’re on the website of a bankruptcy law firm)

If you’re reading this you already know there’s trouble but let’s start with a little history first. Would you be surprised to learn that personal bankruptcies were down year over year for the three-month period of Apr-June 2020 when compared to 2019? We don’t think you should be. Our country was in quarantine and each of us had a boatload of concerns that had little to do with how our creditors would be paid. Our Do-Nothing Congress did little to really help the average American Small Business but the Big Boys got massive bailouts and their gravy train is still rolling along. But what about us, the little guys?

Well, isn’t everyone one of us a Small Business in one way or another? Of course, we are and the fact is that America will never get out of its economic mess until our Small Businesses can reemerge back into the economy. Our Financial Tsunami is building steam and it’ll soon wash all over us sweeping away our old life and punishing us for things that were not our own doing. Covid-19 is like a Biblical Plague sweeping away all that lies in its path – real rath of God stuff.  It’s sadly inevitable, but the title wave of personal bankruptcies is coming and yours should be among them.

In truth, 2020 and 2021 will likely see the worst consumer debt fallout since the Great Depression of 1929-1933. What is going to happen to each of us will make the Great Recession of 2010 look like a footnote in a history book. In truth, this Country’s debt problem has already sucked our coffers dry despite the historic $3 Trillion stimulus package Congress allocated in the CARES Act. And this is only the first wave.     

 The $600 of federal unemployment insurance, even if extended for a short period of time, will expire as most needy families have long since spent their stimulus chump money. Evictions and foreclosure moratoriums have or will soon expire and the Small Business Landlords, those of us who are in the same boat as everyone other Small Business, is looking for their own survival. Congress has been batting around both the HEROES Act and now the new HEALS Act for the entire summer. But according to President Trump, both are “Dead on Arrival.” Regardless of whether new stimulus payments are approved or not, you can expect things aren’t going to get easier.

The Financial Tsunami has already formed and is coming straight for us and when it does hit, the courts will be clogged with new filings that will further delay your time in limbo. Don’t spend an extra minute in planning your escape. You already have the keys to your own jail cell so contact the law firm of Randall & Waldner to help implement your escape. You can’t count on the government to solve your issues. Just look at the mess in Washington, DC that has been going on for years. Pathetically, the politicians’ sole plan hinges on the printing and distribution of new money, something called Quantitative Easing, that will line the already wealthy pockets of a select group of “constituents” that unfortunately doesn’t include you. Wake up, sober up and see with a clear head where you’re at.

Our attorneys can assist you in the planning phase until you decide to pull the bankruptcy trigger. When you do, and assuming that you provide us all relevant information, you’ll experience a smooth-running machine customized with your ideal and realistic solution. Start your new life today and don’t wait for any miracle cures – Covid-19 or otherwise. Nobody will care for you like we’ll care for you.  If you’re a Chapter 7 liquidation prospect, get your filing in the works as it typically takes 4-5 months for the process to complete itself. If you’re a Chapter 13 Reorganization prospect, get your plan in the works asap, don’t wait for your creditors to get more desperate or for your situation to worsen. If you wait until you’ve suffered a further income reduction your delay may make your future proposed reorganization plan dead on arrival. Act now to avoid a worsening situation later and believe me, the situation is going to get worse long before it gets better. When all of the moratoriums are lifted, foreclosures and evictions will come back with a vengeance. When the stimulus money runs out (which it surely will) and as the virus rages on, people will be willing to do desperate things to keep their homes and other assets. The simple fact is that the best tool you can use is found in the Bankruptcy Code. Creditors will fight you tooth and nail to keep you in the bondage of debt even if that means making you and your family homeless. Don’t expect the banks and credit card companies to care. In fact, if you assume that they will do everything possible to strip you of your assets, then you won’t be surprised. Despite their kumbaya statements and empty platitudes about ‘being in this thing together,” you can count on them taking those actions that’s best for them even if it means taking the car that you and your family will be forced to live in if you can’t quickly solve your money problems. SO, BE PROACTIVE, NOT REACTIVE.