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The Top-Secret Alternative Of All Time To Getting Back On Your Feet

(Everything is different but nothing has changed)

For Americans, we are facing the most serious financial crisis in many generations. To complicate things, the financial crises will be difficult to correct as long as the biological threat to society remains. We can get mad and try to blame this on the Chinese but Covid-19 isn’t man made. In many respects, this Pandemic acts like a plague from Biblical times. It is widespread and deadly, sparing few that receive its full rath. But we need to face the possibility that Covid-19, or some variant of it, will continue to plague us and that we’re just going to have to adapt and go forward.

“Use human means as though divine ones did not exist, and use divine means as though there were no human ones.” – Baltasar Gracian

The human means at our disposal to begin the process of financial repair are few. The most effective tool we can use is bankruptcy. It is only in bankruptcy that we can settle lawful claims once and for all. The law recognizes that there comes a time when a person is so financially disabled that they act as an anchor on society. On one side of the coin is the financial loss owed to the creditor who had every reason to expect to be paid. On the other side of the coin is the continued and unwarranted expectation that the debt owed could ever be paid by someone who is overwhelmed by that very debt. Society as a whole suffers from that last scenario.

In this, Our Time, we need to get back to work so that we can, among other things, benefit society as a whole by generating income that will feed our families and at the same time result in tax payments to our state and local governments. There won’t be much of a society left if we lose our state and local services solely because we can’t generate monies to pay for the salaries of the women and men who provide them. These people are our friends and neighbors who we need as much as they need us. So, given that the choice is between the rights of the lenders versus the needs of society, the lenders must lose. If you are suffocated by debt that you can’t imagine how you would ever repay, then bankruptcy is your only option. If you select this option society will benefit; maybe not a lot or immediately – but eventually. And for all of us, we’re in this for the long haul. Fortunately, our path has been illuminated by some who have come before us. One such example comes from St. Thomas Aquinas who interpreted the teachings of Aristotle which I share with you now.

Aristotle’s concept to theology was interpreted by Aquinas who agreed that our first natural law was to recognize that we are obliged to preserve our own lives. The third natural law was that we’re obliged to live as good citizens among other people. He also said that those things that help us pursue truth are good and those that hinder the pursuit of truth are bad. Aquinas reasoned that if everything was designed by god and pursuant with its purpose, and we choose to follow this purpose, then it must mean that we’re following god’s will and thus doing what is right. Such a sentiment can be found in all religions from around the world and is not unique to either the Ancient Greek civilizations nor to the religious practices of the Christians of Aquinas’ time. What does become evident by looking at the teachings of the World’s Great Religions is that they all agree that god does indeed help those who help themselves.

Now, there are those people who profess that they have some top-secret alternative to filing for bankruptcy. The promise to eliminate your debt for pennies on the dollar will only be revealed to you after you pay them a fee or buy their books. However, the only debt that you eliminate by purchasing their snake oils is their debt, not yours.

When the truth becomes a realization that you’re drowning in debt and that you can only preserve yourself and your family by not paying that crippling debt, then, according to both Aristotle and Aquinas, you should pursue the truth and do what is good. It might sound strange, but the relief afforded by the Bankruptcy Code is that good you’ve been looking for. When you come right down to it, bankruptcy is the Top-Secret Alternative of all time that will get you back on your feet.

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