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Going Broke From Covid-19? You Are In Good Company

Who could have predicted that a virus would shut down the whole world? Just when you thought you were getting your fair share of the American Dream, you were kicked to the pavement and have been relegated to asking for stimulus and hand-outs while you’re losing everything. And why does the government call such payments “stimulus”? It’s because it knows that you’ll simply take the money that you receive and pay it out to your creditors and lenders and landlords and the big businesses who profit by the things you’re forced to buy. Now, don’t get us wrong, many landlords, lenders and business are people like yourself – Small Business – and they don’t deserve to be vilified or victimized by simply trying to run their Small Business just like you’ve tried to run your own. For these innocent victims of your inability to continue paying what you’ve promised them to pay, their answer is the same as yours – file for bankruptcy reorganization.

Here’s the thing: bankruptcy is good. It’s good for America, it’s good for you and it’s even good for those creditors who loaned you money and showed you how to get into debt well over your head.  As to those creditors and lenders who gave you enough rope that they would now like to hang you with, their financial records should be purged of their bad debts – they should be purged of your bad debts just as bankruptcy will allow you to do. Like yourself, your creditors must realize that you won’t be able to pay these debts. In such a circumstance, the Bankruptcy Code makes the only logical conclusion possible – the legal discharge of that debt. Both you and your creditors have lost – but only one can be set free.

Here’s something for you to keep in mind. On the back of each dollar bill are the words “In God We Trust.” Americans have always placed their faith in God; in all of the different forms and all of the different beliefs that we Americans have brought to our shores. We formed our government with these principles in mind, that “In God We Trust” do we seek divine guidance in our governance. Well, one of the ways Americans have sought to empower these principles is through the Bankruptcy Code. That is, we give meaning to our beliefs by empowering our governmental institutions with, among other things, the ability to forgive. And just as God forgives, so too does the Bankruptcy Code forgive. We at Randall & Waldner don’t question any further the wisdom in this. All we seek to do is to make it happen for you; to allow hard working Americans to achieve financial forgiveness. And isn’t that what we need to get us out of these troubled times? Of course, it is. In fact, it is the only way forward for us as a Nation.     

It is important for you to know all your options because things are going to get worse long before they even start to get better. Speaking to a knowledgeable from the firm of Randall & Waldner doesn’t mean you’ll have to file bankruptcy or even that bankruptcy is your best option. Instead, it give you the knowledge of the entire range of your options. So, call today for a free, no obligation consultation and get on the road to recovery. You owe it to yourself and your family to take every shot available and bankruptcy might just be your best and only alternative.